CAPTA is a program of training and personal development for at risk women living in marginalized areas. The program consists of a five-week fundamental cycle that provides life skills with a series of workshops of emotional intelligence, communication, self-esteem, health, conflict resolution and personal finances. The process is accompanied by psychological support and is followed by a two-week certification to work in the hotel industry, achieving great personal and economic satisfaction .

The program has graduated 576 women since 2005, of which 76 % currently work in hotels and other industries

To each and every one of the women who have gone through CAPTA , life is a different challenge, most have between 3 to children , and 61% have not graduated high school due to extreme poverty. They live disillusioned, with low self esteem and few job opportunities  But when they graduate from CAPTA, they know they are valuable human beings who can set goals for their lives, as they have the tools to get a decent job and become positive leaders in their community.


  • Regional winner for the Financial Times – Citi Ingenuity Award: Urban Ideas in Action.
  • Finalist of John P. McNulty Award, that recognizes projects that bring innovative solutions to problems of poverty.
  • Annual Convention 2013 with Ford Dental Clinic and Spa benefiting three women per group with the donation of Perfect Smiles.