What we do

Most of the residents of Casco Antiguo and its surrounding communities live in poverty or extreme poverty. From a young age these people are at a disadvantage due to the lack of financial capital, education, or other needs that could improve their lives. As a result, they have become dependent on the government for aid and support.

Along with these well-known issues, there lies an epidemic of emotional poverty and violence among the residents of these communities. Poverty has led them to unhealthy life-styles that cause low self-esteem and generate cycles/waves of violence for the whole family.

Fundación Calicanto works to create solutions to these problems, by utilizing the diversity found in Casco Antiguo, our programs, and our ability to build the self-esteem and personal values of our community members.

We want our programs to give people an opportunity to improve their lives in a sustainable way, as we are aware that poverty cannot be overcome with unique donations or short-term charitable approaches.